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Tips and Tricks

Planning and Preparation is vital to your success.

My family of 4 adults decided that we were going to do this Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) detox four months before we actually did.

This gave me research and preparation time.

As spices are out, I knew we would be eating a lot of herbs, so I planted a variety of herbs.  My trick to easy herb maintenance is to fill a clear glass bottle with water and put it upside down (without the top/cork) into the herb pot. In this way the soil will slowly absorb the water it needs and you will have a happy plant.

I also learned how to make kombucha. (If you are in Cape Town, you are more than welcome to collect a SCOBY from me for free) and I researched making Sauerkraut.
my ref for sauerkraut came from these two websites: and

The weekend before due date:

Prepare food for the week, this I still do every Sunday. It prevents an all fall down!

So plan. Shop and Prepare for your first week.

Notes from Marelize

Avocado is a great substitute for mayonnaise in most dishes. Add a bit of lemon juice to prevent coloring.

For chutney, use dried peaches and dried apricots. Let it swell in a cup of boiling hot water for an hour or two. Put in food processor to chop. Add some apple cider vinegar, honey (optional) and herbs to taste. Cook until moisture content is to your desire. Best to keep in refrigerator.

Buy fresh herbs and air dry them. Make your own herb mix to use with meats instead of spice mixes containing starch fillers. I like the combination of thyme (2), basil (2), rosemary, parsley, origanum, garlic flakes (one each) and add even ground ginger and turmeric to it.

When cooking with onions add ground ginger to counter the gas-effect.

Add bone broth to all meat dishes…

Breakfast needs to be quick and easy and therefore must be pre prepared.  No more oats, toast or eggs!  The easiest is to eat what you had for diner the night before!

Breakfasts suggestions:

  • Mary suggests: A mug of bone broth and a piece of chicken.
  • Andy enjoyed a ring of roast butternut, mushrooms and bacon as their weekend breakfast.
  • Bone broth with chunks of chicken or beef depending on the broth for the day.
  • Onions, mushrooms and spinach fried up with bacon.
  • Cabbage and onions fried up with bacon.
  • Smoothies and fruit/veg juices. – this is not for diabetics.
    I have for the past 20 years had blended apples for breakfast and this became the standard go to breakfast for the four of us. A blend of 2 apples per person (8 apples!) one mango/orange, two (one per person) large melted tablespoon of coconut oil (this satisfies one for longer and carries the oil soluble vitamins and minerals into the body) I also added a handful of dark green leaves (spinach mostly) This you don’t taste, but is a vitamin boost! If I had Kombutcha, I would add about 1/3 cupful too.
  • Liz liked to start with a juiced fruit and veg and then a meatball at 10am. (see ideas below)
  • John likes to fast until lunch time.

Meat Balls:

an easy mid morning snack

They are versatile and easy to make.  I choose a minced meat either chicken, turkey, ostrich, pork or fish and then pair it with a herb, add salt, mix together by hand, divide into patties and fry in the lard collected from the top of cooled bone broth.  Generally I will get 1 kg minced meat and make 12 patties.

For example; to 1kg minced beef,  I add a tablespoon or two of finely chopped sage, a 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt and ground black pepper.  Mix together with your hands, divide it into 12 and fry up in some previously collected fat. An onion may be added too.

Beef mince another way;  add to the mince about two tablespoons of chopped fresh rosemary and a handful of de-pipped and sliced black olives, salt and pepper.  Fry till done!

Optional:  As the meatball are very tight, add more spek/fat to them  (see the recipe below for borewors it works well as a pattie too and is delicious) another way is to blend and a punnet of free range chicken livers till liquid and mix into the mixture.  You do not taste the livers and they are added nutrient too.

More on Smoothies, they are such a wonderful breakfast.
Add Avocado which is nutritious and creamy, makes a very good base, expensive in summer unfortunately, but I console myself with what I am saving from the things I can’t eat or drink now.

The base (for one person): into a blender add an avocado, two tablespoons of *coconut oil and kombucha to get the consistency you want.
Now vary with fruit,  good companions to blend  with:
2 frozen ripe bananas chopped
1 apple and an orange
frozen/fresh berries
watermelon (de-pipped)
mango (in cubes frozen or fresh)

Lovely extras:
2 cups of kale or spinach.
A knob of fresh grated ginger.

*The coconut oil is important as it makes the meal filling and it is incredibly good for a morning dose of brain food!

Dehydrating sweet potatoes, butternut and fruit chips ready to eat and SO delicious

Mary (granny) and Michelle (mom) have two children on the diet and they make the children dried fruit for snacks and school lunches.


Mary said her family eats “salads with lettuce or cabbage base, grated carrots, chopped cauliflower and/or broccoli and tuna, chicken, bacon or any chopped meat of choice.”

My family tends to go for a white meat like chicken or pork which I would have cooked during the weekend. I slice and put it into a container for daily serving/rationing and serve it with salads, a cabbage salad and a green salad. For mayonnaise, I blend artichokes (tinned) with 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup of coconut oil, apple cider vinegar or kombucha vinegar to taste, salt and pepper. Flavourings vary with either garlic or wasabi, but mostly I have it plain.


Mary makes combinations of these:
Large plate of veg with meat of choice. Stews, casseroles, oven baked medley of veg with meat of choice. Stir fry with cauliflower rice.
Beef, mince-meat balls or patties, steak, stew chicken strips, chicken pieces, lamb chops, pork chops, ribs, bacon, and fish, tinned or fresh.

In addition to what Mary and Michelle are doing, my hubby is borewors mad. So I asked my butcher, ‘The Fat German’ in Meadowridge Centre, to make up a batch for us which he did, it is very good.
Udo Heydt
Fat German Butcher
Tel 021 7121933

Or ask your butcher to make you some boerewors, this is the recipe we used:

1,5kg beef, cut into cubes
1,5kg pork, cut into cubes
500g pork fat, cut into 5mm cubes
25 ml salt
10 ml pepper
125 ml kombucha vinegar. You can use apple cider vinegar, but I have made kombucha vinegar and gave it to Udo.
5 ml ground cloves
10 ml ground dried thyme
85g sausage casing


Flavoured water: cucumber, lemon, mint and ginger leave it overnight and enjoy the next afternoon.

When it comes to sundown time during this cleanse, it makes it easier to go without an alcoholic drink if you have a drink in your hand. So get sparkling or plain water, add a slice of lime or lemon, some ice blocks and enjoy. I have on occasion made flavoured water, but find I resort to the lemon or lime in the evenings.

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