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Milk Kefir

Pour a litre of milk, into a fermentation glass jar that has a lid. (I have consol or bell jars).

kefir granules
Kefir Granules
It is best if the milk is not too close to the lip because the Kefir does expand. We use full cream milk. Low fat can be used if you so please. Organic milk is best.

Add the Kefir granules. One heaped dessert spoon will easily do a litre of milk. Put the lid on but do not tighten it, gasses need to escape.

Place the jar in a cool dark place, we put ours on top of the fridge on top of some old newspaper to catch any spillage.

In summer, at the end of the first day gently mix the Kefir, is will have separated into curds and whey. Colder days take longer, but as soon as you see the separation, it is ready to test. Strain the Kefir granules out.

The Kefir granules stick to the jar. Return some of the strained Kefir into your fermentation jar and swirl or take a long handle spoon to loosen the Kefir grains.

Tap the strainer against the palm of your hand, to keep the granules and let the milk through. Keep tapping until you have the little “cauliflower” granules left.

Pour the Kefir without the granules back into your jar and place back on top of the fridge. It will carry on fermenting. Once the kefir has separated, it is ready to consume, the longer fermentation is personal, kefir granules eat the sugars and sugar-free is good! I like it bitter and almost effervescent.
Once it is to your liking, put it into the fridge for consumption.

Store your granules in a small bottle in some milk in the fridge. If your granules have sat in the fridge in milk for more than a week, using a strainer, rinse them with water or milk before starting your new batch.

Get a second fermentation going, as you can see it takes at least 3 days to get your Kefir up and running. We have two jars here. I use the milk version.

The lactose in the milk has sugar and many people who are not able to drink milk but can eat Yoghurt or Kefir should know that it is because the lactose has been removed. It’s up to you. I know Dr. Alain does not use milk at all.

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Kefir Coconut or Almond Milk

Take a tin of coconut milk of 400 mls. Using the best quality gives better results. Check the label for unwanted additions. We use the 86% coconut extract, found in Spar called “Gold Crest” or the 100% Organic found in Wellness Warehouse.

Our very good friend and mentor Dr. Alain Sanua had the 86% for the first time and mentioned it is the best one he has had.

kefir granules
Kefir Granules

Shake the tin well and because the product expands pour it into a glass 800ml to 1 lt jar.
Add 3 X 15 mls brown sugar, stir until dissolved.
Add the Kefir granules.
Put the lid on but do not tighten it, gasses need to escape.

We place our jar on top of the fridge on a napkin in case it does ooze out.  Two or three times a day tighten the lid and  swirl gently. Loosen the lid to let the gasses escape and repeat a few times. Place back with a loose lid.

At the end of the second day strain the coconut Kefir, into another glass jar.
Scrape out any granules left behind and put them and the sieved granules into a small glass bottle for storage in the fridge.
Taste it, if still sweet leave out above the fridge for another day, or until it is no longer sweet.

The Kefir uses the sugar as its “food” therefore it should be sugar-free.

Store your granules in a small bottle in some water in the fridge. If your granules are going to be waiting for more than a week I would put 1 spoon of dissolved sugar to make sure they do not die.

As it takes at least 3 to 4 days to get your Kefir up and running, we have two jars going.

The milk version.

The lactose in the milk has 2 sugars, therefore, no sugar is added.  Some people say they cannot use milk, but when eating Yoghurt or Kefir they do not react, this is because the Kefir has consumed the lactose.

It’s up to you. I know Dr. Alain does not use milk at all.
Coconut is very good for us. It has Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) Fats our brains need. MCTs bypass the liver and go straight to the brain. Therefore, having a cup of Coconut Kefir every day does the world of good for us.