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Rapid Liver Cleanse Experience

Hi AIF team
With regards to your Rapid Liver Cleanse:
As I was unsure of what was happening when doing my first flush, so I thought I would write of it (with photos) to reassure other first timers! But please keep it anonymous! 😊 I chose a Friday evening, and then worked backwards to 10 days prior for the ACV, Essiac and Remedy. The most difficult thing, for me, was making the commitment date.
Friday Flush Day!:
Eating lunch as a last meal was not as bad as I thought it would be as I was not really hungry that evening. The tummy growling as the flush tablets began to work was not unpleasant. My partner and I did it together and we lay flat with our heads propped up watching a series! His tummy sounded like an helicopter trying to take off!
We removed the plastic drip thingy from the Rapid Flush bottle and downed it. It was not unpleasant to take.

liver flush oil

I woke up twice in the night to go to the loo, but my partner did not. There was no uncontrolled urgency like a beriem meal clean out!
In the morning I phoned John (cell phone number is on the website, so I guessed it was ok) to ask him when will the stones start flushing out! He asked me if I had a runny tummy. I did. He said “well then look at it girl!”
I did not know what I was looking for or at, but he said if they float then that’s them! I took this photo of the bowl and Whatts App’ed him! He said “yip, that’s them, the green colour was because bile is green.” I was sorry for what I may have missed seeing!

I know of a man who must have done his flush through a colander as he collected all his stones, almost filling a bell jar! I did not go that crazy but did stick my hand in to collect these two stones, rinsed them and took the photos. They were soft and had no smell. Our tummies ran until about 11am, so we still went off to do our normal Saturday shopping. 😊
The results;
Although I had a migraine a day or two later, I have not had one since, which is unusual. Headaches have become few and easy to pinpoint why I have one. The best result though is my night vision has settled back to normal. Small adult onset allergies were alleviated in my partner. (dry itchy ear skin etc). He said he generally felt better. Our liver spots on our ageing hands have lightened. We have not followed on and done the second course but look forward to and will do so in the new year and send you feedback.
Once again,
Thanks a stack Autoimmune Free team and especially John.

A male is his late 30’s sent us this photo, also of his first flush. The toilet bowl had a blue water treatment.
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