Travel Kit

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When traveling you cannot be sure of what infections you may pick up or how you will react to long plane trips. The following products will offer some protection.


infection protection

Colloidal Silver 50ml (Natural Antibiotic)
MSM +C 30g (natural cleanser)
MSM drops 15ml (eye sore and Irritations, excellent for in-flight)
MultiDay 60 capsules (excellent all natural, = best absorption, multivitamin)
OXY 20 ml (Stabilised Oxygen to use in water with high bacteria)
PRObiotic 24 capsules (top of the range as it contains a prebiotic!)
Remlax 20 ml (anti-parasitic – you may be exposed to different airborne parasites. Take this care)

If you are traveling to a malaria area, please add in Malaria-eze (and read the emails we have received about it from happy customers).


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