50ml tincture.
This wonderful formula makes use of the well known and proven herb as well as others that offer perfect synergy for the job!
Prostate-eze can be used as a preventative or during rehabilitation.

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  1. impilo nempilo

    I have done the four step cleanses and have continued using the liver cleanse and kidney cleanse tinctures on a daily basis (as we have toxins bombarding us daily) and because my eyesight was improving! (I am in my 70’s). I am now on my third bottle of each. I also like to alternate with the Essiac! Buoyed by my success, I thought I would try your prostate eze.
    I was shocked to feel a little nauseous for about ½ an hour after taking my drops, for 4 days. Perhaps its true, gravity pulls down toxins and muck into the prostate! Ladies the cervix?
    All’s well now things returning to normal.
    My prostate must be shrinking as I get up less during the night.

    All the best

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