OXT 50ml
OXY contains electrolytes of oxygen in de-ionised water for the treatment of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Oxygen is the single most important substance for living. OXY helps provide further oxygen uptake. With modern day pollution, stress and less exercise, OXY can boost your oxygen levels, boosts your energy levels.
The only oxygen product packaged in glass… and at the best price!

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Stabilised Oxygen is a high concentrate of oxygen. That is, oxygen in molecular form. Just like the oxygen that is breathed from the atmosphere through the lungs, changed to oxygen molecules and deposited in the blood. In this form the oxygen molecules transfer from the blood to the iron atoms on the red blood cells and then to the cells of the body.

S.O. is helpful in a myriad of ways besides its obvious anti-bacterial anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. For example, it can be added to contaminated water ( 20 to 30 drops per litre) and left to stand for 24 hours to completely neutralize any potential harmful water -borne pathogens that may be present.

How does it work? It works simply releasing chlorite ions, trace amounts of sodium and chlorine dioxide, plus substantial amounts of molecular oxygen into the blood plasma.

Besides putting an extra molecule of oxygen into the blood stream killing bacteria, as bacteria cannot live in an oxygenated environment, it is known to dissolve blood clots. It is a good product to have at home. The bottle says to use lemon to activate the OXY but any citrus works. We use orange or grapefruit.

Blood Clots:
Why does one get blood clots in the first place?
It is believed that when one’s main filter (the liver) is dirty, it makes the blood sticky causing clots.
Should you wish to remove blood clots, do a Through Liver Cleanse and take Oxy and Chelator.

Blood clots are very dangerous, then can cause stroke or heart attack, depending where they lodge.
A person who has clots should not fly at all. It can be very dangerous.

So back to the beginning. We want to be clean on the inside as well as the outside, therefore the cleanses are important to follow.

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