Organ Cleanse Kit – Male


1 X 50ml Liver Cleanse
1 X 50ml Kidney Cleanse
1 X 50ml Prostate Cleanse
1 x 50ml Remedy
This kit has proven successful in removing toxins from liver, kidneys and prostate together. Be patient, it will take time, the benefits are worth it. A non invasive, wholefood, good for you solution.


This wonderful formula makes use of the well known and proven herb as well as others that offer perfect synergy for the job!
Often forgotten about, gravity pulls and delivers toxins in to our lower internal organs too. Most men will experience this as not being able to stop that last “drop” after a pee. As we age this gets worse.
Luckily now, you have found Prostrate-eze!

Kidney Cleanse & Liver Cleanse
Our liver and kidneys work very hard for us filtering nonstop 24/7!
It is always a good idea to clean your filters -they will work so much more efficiently if you do!
Kidney Cleanse and Liver Cleans are excellent, gentle products to do just that,
People with high blood pressure (not hypertension) will benefit greatly and are advised to monitor their blood pressure as they may lower their doses and even come off blood pressure tabs.
It takes about 5 days.
Kidney cleanse is known to dissolve kidney stones and the Liver cleanse gently removes toxins from the liver.

A strong blend of herbs that kills off parasites in the blood and therefore organs. Read more

Our Organ Cleanse Kit is a very good place to start and fantastic support for those taking GcMAF.
While GcMAF stimulates and enables the macrophage in our white blood cells to fight cancer tumours, toxins need to removed from the body regularly.

Once you are feeling strong Rapid Liver Cleanse is essential, removing gall stones and scrubbing out the liver.

Please keep a journal of how you are at the start of this, after a week, after two weeks, etc. We so enjoy hearing/reading about changes and improvements these products provide our bodies!


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