Megabol CarboMax


This product replaces lost glycogen & starts the repair process whilst you exercise or thereafter. For the recreational or serious sports person.

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2 reviews for Megabol CarboMax

  1. impilo nempilo

    I cycle hard and add the Carbo Max to my morning smoothies. There was a time when tightening up finances I left off my Carbo Max. It took two weeks for me to feel something was not right, I was not achieving my times and my legs felt like led! I reintroduced Carbo Max and what a beaut! I was back to myself again!

    Thanks AutoimmuneFree! –

  2. John

    OK let me tell you how I actually take Carbo Max.
    For training I put 10gr into about 700mls water and drink around half of it about 20 minutes before riding. During the ride I sip on the mix, alternating sipping plain water as well.
    For an event I mix 2 bottles the same. Drink half of bottle “one” before starting then sip on the way. Again alternating between water the Carbo Mix.

    I had no Carbo Mix at one time, so I left for training without it. “Oh look no difference” until the second or third ride then Oh My Greatness. The difference is huge. I will not do what I did on the last ride. Carbo Max really works. – John.

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