50 ml.
Use this prodcut both as a preventative and if you do already have malaria. Satisfied customers have proven Malaria-eze to be very successful.


An email from Shirly and Paul (Port Elizabeth)
You may remember us coming to visit you in March last year on recommendation from the late Peter Gill, for some Malaria protection for our son who was going on a surfing trip with 2 friends up the West Coast of Africa from Cape Town to London.

Well they were on the road for 14 months – having planned to do the trip in 6 months, and you maybe interested to know that our son who took his drops that we got from you daily until they ran out, was the only one of the 3 that did not get malaria, although his 2 friends were taking other anti-malaria medicines. In fact the one friend got malaria twice en route.
It is possible that our son may not have got it anyway as he is very healthy and responsible, but it did give us peace of mind that he had a natural remedy with him.

an email from Mike:
My wife and i have been taking Malaria Eeze for a few years on our travels into Africa. We are now going to Mozambique for 12 months and would like to purchase 6 bottles for now. Do they have a ‘use by..’ date?

If you are worried about the water purity at your destination, add five drops of OXY per liter of water, let it stand for 20 min.


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