Hormonal Health Support


The Hormonal Health Support Kit:
Anti-Oxidant 60 Tabs (Anti-Oxidant/Multi-Vit Blend)
GH Release 20ml tincture (Hormone Trigger)
Wild Yam 50ml (Progesterone Precursor)
Ozone Cream 25 ml (Ozenated Olive Oil)
Tissue Oil 20 ml

Your Hormonal health should begin with the full 30 day Great Gut Cleanse. This helps to improve absorption and overall colon/intestinal function.


GH Release – contains the precursors to restore hormone levels. Useful for men over the age of 30 and women in need of increased testosterone.
For centuries wild yam has been used for hormonal problems. If you suffer from hot flushes, give this natural alternative a try.
Ozone cream works wonders on age spots, blemishes, bites and sores.


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