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GcMAF is known as the King of Immunotherapies.
The best probiotic with prebiotic. Tangible results.

  • Immune Defender
  • Activates White Blood Cells
  • Counters Toxic Effects
  • Increases Cell Energy
  • Immune Re-builder
  • Enhances mucosal cell immunity

NB: The GcMAF must be kept in the fridge.

Feedback about this product has only been positive! (see reviews tab below)

GcMAF Facebook comments
GcMAF Facebook Comments


GcMAF is cost effective at R500,00 for almost three months taking it once a day.

When needing an immune boost, take one capsule, empty it onto a spoon and put it under your tongue, first thing in the morning for two to three months.

For cancer, one capsule, emptied under the tongue 3 x a day.

Hold under tongue till dissolved completely wait 10 min before eating.   Stomach juices are too strong for GcMAF so we put the powder under the tongue, and hold it for as long as possible.

The capsule form is also perfect for “nil per mouth” and used as is as a suppository, may be used like this for babies. It is safe.  If baby is not thriving, you have come to the right place.  Mom and baby – just do it.  Feedback has been rewarding.

Stress, physical or emotional, deplete our biome as does  foods such as chicken or beef which may contain antibiotics.  Try as best as you can to only put foods that is full of nutrients into your body and give yourself a boost with GcMAF for optimum health.

4 reviews for GcMAF

  1. tipanisa

    “I started taking the GMAF (three capsules a day)n for the past three weeks or so. I must admit that I have experienced a reduction in allergic reactions, sinus issues etc. I’ll keep you posted” – Mr Muwele.

  2. LibbyH (verified owner)

    I started taking GcMAF in the last month of my pregnancy. It was a concern that my daughter’s weight was low and we were considering an induction. My FiL was taking it and had commented on the positive results he experienced health wise and I wanted to be as strong as I could for the birth. Amazingly she gained an incredible amount of weight in that last month and was born at 2,6kg full term. My first child was born at 2,9kg and struggled to gain weight, despite ultimately being topped up with formula, so I continued with the GcMAF post pregnancy to maintain my health in anticipation for another feeding struggle. Beyond everyone’s expectations Charlotte (my daughter) has gained over 2kg in 2 months. I don’t believe that I’ve done anything drastically different between the two children other than the GcMAF so am attributing her incredible progress directly to the GcMAF. It was slightly difficult to take in the beginning but now do so every morning with ease. I cannot recommend this product enough.

  3. Johnsacs (verified owner)

    After one month on GcMaf I noticed my sinus problems went away. I could now breath easily at night in bed. I also found my mood was a lot better.
    A wonderful product we should all be on.

  4. Johnsacs (verified owner)

    A very good friend of mine Keith, mentioned he is able to turn further in his car, to look for oncoming traffic, after taking GcMaf for 4 months. He is in his 70’s and takes one GcMaf every day.

    • impilo nempilo (verified owner)

      Thank you Johnsacs for that note! We have also been told by a Parkinson’s sufferer that his arm is not so stiff anymore as well. We know that GcMAF improves cellular energy and how it manifests in so many different was is interesting!

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