Essiac Plus 50ml


A formula that has been around for centuries. A remarkable product which we have enhanced with further herbs to make, what we believe, is an even more effective product. It is essentially a kidney & liver cleanse which should be done every six months.


We have brought down high blood pressure on a few people with this specific Essiac Plus tincture.
* An excellent kidney cleanser. 
* Fantastic in assisting with flushing out toxins. Read More.

There are a number of different Essiac variations in the market place. 
We have enhanced ours which is why we call it Essiac Plus Positive results are regulary received from happy customers about this product.
Tastes nice (for us) too.

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  1. tipanisa

    Some email correspondence received about Essiac:

    “Yvonne, my mother in law, came to stay with us in Orange Grove. She was taking blood pressure tablets. We gave her Essiac, starting slowly and building up to 1 drop per ten kg body weight. It did not take long, about a week or 2 for her to to come off the blood pressure tablets!
    Apparently, Doctors know that high blood pressure is because of kidneys that are blocked, but they don’t know how to un block them.
    This is true for people who do not have hypertension. So I would say it is good for anyone who is stressed out! Thank you for the product!” John. Johannesburg


    “I went to the nephrologist with failing kidneys and asked the Dr about Essiac. The doctor did no know anything about it. So I kept on his prescribed meds bu also took Essiac Plus and by the time the bottle was finished my kidneys had healed! And of course his Dr was amazed!!! Good product” Wayne (Durban).


    “Hazel, my sister, is a diabetic of note. She was given diet pills by a doctor that almost shut down her kidneys. Her GFR (globular filtration rate) was 35 it needs to be 90. When she came to stay with us we changed her eating plan to the one listed on your website and got her onto Essiac. Blood pressure normalised GFR went up. The best it has been is 70 but it is usually around 50 to 60. Her kidneys are stable. Kidneys (and eyes) are ruined because of diabetes.” Glynis. Edenvale.

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