Drug Detox – Smoking/anesthetic…

The Drug Detox Kit includes
L-Cysteine 60 caps R60.00
L-Glutamine 60 caps R72.00
L-Glutathione 60 caps P.O.R
L-lycine 60 caps R72.00
L-Methionine 60 caps R96.00
L-Taurine 60 caps R54.00
L-Tyrosine 60 caps R72.00
MSM + C R96.00

Please contact us for a price on this Drug Detox Kit: scribe@autoimmune.co.za
For details on these amazing Amino Acids, please read below.


Drug and Smoking Detox   Price on request
We realise that it’s not easy to give up a habit, not to mention an addiction!
This program is designed to assist the body in removing toxins accumulated through smoking and chemical stimulants, including over the counter drugs.


Drugs leave residual which sits in compaction and cells for years. It is essential to detox +- every few months to improve function & absorption of receptacles (villi) in the intestine. A 30 day detox will eliminate residual. Taking Remlax, Mag caps and Paraway once a week will help you keep regular and keep clean of built up mucous & parasites.

ALWAYS TAKE PRObiotic WHEN YOU ARE PRESCRIBED DRUGS. Our all natural ProBiotic stands above the rest in that it has a prebiotic included which stimulates and increases its efficacy.

The Amino Acid List recomended for your Drug/Meds Detox
L-Cysteine: Breaking down mucous & detoxifying substances in the body, boost immune system, respiratory illnesses, H.I.V, heart disease, reduces liver & kidney damage
L-Glutamine: Most used amino acid in the body. Injury, muscle recovery, wound healing, IBS, immune booster, Peritonitis, prevents muscle wasting, cancer, stomach ulcers.
L-Glutathione: Antioxidant, detoxifying of liver, blood platelet & membrane function, anti-ageing.
L-lysine: Herpes, shingles, osteoporosis, anti-inflammatory, migraines, period pains.
L-Methionine: Break down of fats, cleaning arteries, heavy metal detox, antioxidant, depression, arthritis pain, liver cleanser, memory recall, energy, muscle growth.
L-Taurine: Digestion of fats, absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, cholesterol, anxiety, hyperactivity, poor brain function, epilepsy.
L-Tyrosine: Stress, drug detox, mild depression, under active thyroid, vitiligo, athletic performance, PMS, Parkinson’s.
MSM+C: Organic Sulphur, MSM helps to produce healthy cell, cleanses the blood, nourishes hair and nails, helps with allergies, breathing problems, joint inflammation, muscle pain & more. We were the first to import MSM and although others have followed with cheaper versions, we continue to use the purest form of MSM. 99.9% Pure

It is highly recommended that you first complete:
Step One: The Great Gut Cleanse,
Step Two: The Kidney Cleanse,
Step Three (a): The Liver Cleanse, or
Step Three (b): , the Rapid Gall Bladder / Gall Stone Cleanse


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