Cell Cleanse


125g tub of powder power!
This product contains 61% protein powder, with essential amino acids, multi-vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients, to which is added Vitamin B3 and Zeolite, making it a very powerful cell cleanse.


from John:
“Cell Cleanse is so powerful one has to start off gently, at half a teaspoon in a little kefir/yoghurt/smoothie, and build up from there to two rounded teaspoons.

Glynis, my wife is insulin resistant, and when she started Cell Cleanse she got little blisters on her shoulders and across the top of her back. Taking Cell Cleanse twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays) and very slowly she increased the dose, for 14 months.

It took us around 13 to 14 months to clean out our cells. A younger person (30-35yrs old) only needs about 6 months.

We now take Cell Cleanse once a week on Sundays.
Besides cleaning out our cells and skin it also removes toxins from the brain, increasing brain power. Very important in an older person like me.”

If you have any questions for John, pop him an email at john@autoimmunefree.co.za