Our Bodies. Our Food

You would not put inferior petrol into your car, so why put junk food into your body?

The Big NO: Gluten and Sugar. Stop these Immediately!

Remember its LOW carb, not NO carb, but from a nutritious source. Think always – “is what I am eating nutritious for my body?”

Prepare for your cleanse

Set a date to start.
Get familiar with the protocol you want to follow; The AutoImmune Protocol, FODMAP or the Ketogenic Diet.

Paleo is a good lifestyle to embrace for maintenance.

Help your body

  • stay hydrated,
  • eat quality fats,
  • exercise and sleep well.

The detox phase will pass within 2-4 weeks after which you will feel vital and energetic again!
One thing to note here:
You do get carbs in fruit and vegetables which is why AIP, KETO, FODMAP, Paleo and The Real Meal Revolution all advocate low carb protocols – they are not NO carb protocols! The difference is veg that also have carbs in them, such as the butternut, also contain valuable minerals and vitamins as opposed to low nutrient and carb dense, eg; rice, and potatoes (sweet potatoes are good for you).

Give away all products made from wheat, rice, mealie meal, and potatoes. No more crisps…….ever!

Exercise, sleep, relaxation are all necessary and conducive to healing. If you battle to sleep consider taking Stressaway, it is a proven natural herbal remedy.

Your next step

If you have completed a month of low and correct carbs and sugar it is time to assess.
The Auto Immune Protocol (AIP), KETO and FODMAP are strict but well worth the effort.

  • You may choose to do it for one month as a cleanse. Good enough for the Ketogenic diet.
  • You may do it for two months for general health improvements.
  • You may do it for three months or more if you need healing from an autoimmune disease.  For a simple detox three months is highly recommended! First month is detox, 2nd month is for healing and 3rd month to feel terrific

A printable list of what you may and may not eat for AIP f are here and the reasons why they are omitted are below.
Once you have completed your desired detox period, the foods on the not allowed list may be introduced one at a time, and for a week each. This way you will be able to monitor the reaction your body has to the introduced foods.
I did a full three months then first introduced eggs, and was fine, next was dairy and was I was shocked when I began to feel tired again. Introduce foods slowly it is important and where most people fail! Do yourself the favour of doing it properly.


The two-fold approach of adding supplements to assist and support your internal cleanse, is to help your body process and eliminate toxins and is well worth the expense. The proper nourishment and healing that comes from eating well will be fast tracked as your unobstructed organs will be receptive to the nutrient dense food this protocol advises. Unlike so many (do join a facebook AIP/Paleo/Fodmap group) who report that the food change is not working for them, who then go for further (very expensive) testing may have either parasites or SIBO or even gall stones! Yes, the supplements deal with all those things.

NB: Supplements are not to be taken when you are in the first throws of detoxing and feeling terrible, they will make you feel worse as they do intensify the detox. Go gently and either start the four step detox when you give up only the carbs and sugar or after your first two to three weeks (depending on when you begin to feel better).



• Gut Cleanse Help eliminate toxins & waste build-up (faecal plaque & mucous) from the intestine.
Prepare for proper nutrient absorption
• Kidney Cleanse Going deeper we eliminate toxins and waste, rejuvenating the kidneys and bladder
• Rapid Liver Cleanse Cleansing the liver of gallstones dramatically improves digestion, the basis of your health and anti-ageing. Will help reduce allergies, also eliminate shoulder, upper arm and upper back pain. Increase energy and an increased sense of well being.
• Heavy Metal Cleanse • Tips and Tricks

AutoImmune Free was fortunate to have Winning Performance agree for us to hero their supplements. We approached Winning Performance because we have used their products and know that they are made from the finest natural ingredients possible and are made to the exacting high standards of the British Pharmacopoeia Guide. No over diluted products!

Make sure there is no mold in your home.

Check for rising damp and remove pot plants from inside your home.Try keeping stress down.Keep stress down to a minimum.

Stress raises cortisol which helps put on weight and breaks down one’s microbiome changing mood and body shape. In diabetics, it raises Blood Sugars.

Exercise helps to keep stress down. Walk, ride a bicycle, run, do Yoga, do Pilates, just do something physical!

Some reasons why:

Grains and seeds – not to be eaten.

Normally our bodies can deal with grains and seeds but overexposure to gluten has affected our response to other food groups like these and night shades. Grains and seeds have poisons which disrupt the villi in our gut. The poison seeds have is called prolamin, found in quinoa, corn and oats. It is recommended not to eat them. Legumes and lentils have agglutins these have been shown to cause leaky gut.
Be careful and read labels – gluten and sugar may be found everywhere even in deli meats

Night Shades – not to be eaten.

There are four Night Shade foods which have to be stopped for the limited time of 90 days.They are potatoes, (sweet potatoes are good) eggplants, fresh peppers, and tomatoes. (*Black pepper as a spice is good, it aids in digestion, but many Autoimmune Protocol sites suggest you leave pepper out.) We do not eat Night Shade leaves or stalks because they are poisonous, however, their fruit is less so, therefore, stop them just for this 90 day recovery period.
Stay away from GMO foods as much as possible. There is lots of research on the negative effects of GMO’s on our bodies.
*There is debate on pepper being allowed or not. It is a dried fruit, Piper Nigrum from a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae. I used it, but the choice is yours.

Other Foods to stay away from for 90 Days: (check our list)

Fast foods, processed foods, food additives any food that contains artificial colourants, flavours or preservatives.
All GMOs
Processed meats. (they may contain wheat, preservatives, and colourants)
Processed and refined oils in mayonnaise, salad dressings, shortening and spreads. (no seed oils)
Refined oils, hydrated fats, trans fats, and margarine.
Stimulants and caffeine, chocolate.
Sweeteners sugar, honey, sweetened juices, high fructose, corn syrup. Stevia is ok in moderation.
Spice – no seeds = spices, and nightshades; the capsicum family (peppers/chilies/cayenne/paprika)Condiments to get rid of for 90 days:Braai sauce. Cayenne pepper. (Black pepper is *OK).
Chocolate (100% is ok)
Tomato sauce, Paprika, Red Pepper flakes, Relish, Soy sauce, Tamari, many are nightshades.
Inflammatory foods to get rid of:Corn and anything made from corn or corn syrup.
Dairy, eggs, and coffee. (for 90 days)
Gluten and anything with gluten in it. Barley, rye, wheat and deli meats etc.
Legumes, beans, lentils, peas dried or fresh. (green beans/runner beans are fine)
Nightshades. (for 90 days)
Nuts including nut butters. (for 90 days)
Peanuts. (peanuts as they are high in estrogen, some people feel women should not eat them!)
Seeds as well as seed butters. (for 90 days)
Soy (for 90 days) Soy it is said to be cancer forming, so after your 90 days, use sparingly until research finalized.
Sweetened fruit juice. Be careful of fruit juices as we cannot eat the amount of concentrated fruit that in a glass of fruit juice. (After 90 days in moderation)

The Paleo link

Getting back to time frames and thinking what our ancestors used to eat before intensive farming: Gluten, legumes, and lentils were not about in the vast concentrated quantities they are now and should not be consumed. They create havoc in the gut.NB: New research with gluten mentions that if we could eat the original unadulterated, unpolluted grain, we would not have such vast complications that gluten is now causing.The rest of the foods can be eaten again after a 90 day stay away, but introduced slowly.The food must be introduced slowly, one new food group every 5 days. This gives your system time to get used to the new food group and for you to understand how your body reacts to that particular food.

The first food John  introduced was white potatoes but he  changed the way he eat them: Boil them as you normally would, then let them cool right down. When they are eaten cold the molecules change, the carbohydrates now become resistant carbohydrates. The body does not “see” a carbohydrate but biome food. Diabetics eating potatoes this way will find that their BG (Blood Glucose) hardly moves.  This will remain true even when re-heated!


Remove toxins from your body.

(This is part of Step Four, The Heavy Metal Detox)

We breathe in and ingest heavy metals all the time.
There is a well known and researched chelator EDTA (Ethyline Diamine Tetra-acetic Acid) is the best at removing heavy metals from the body, it also removes plaque from arteries and veins. It comes in a liquid form, (short push, a quick drip) or capsules. Take one capsule in the morning for six months (3 bottles) the first time then twice a year January and July. One bottle has 60 caps. Make sure you have no Mercury Amalgams (fillings) change them for Composite fillings.
I know a 43-year-old Durban woman who averted heart bypass surgery because she took a course of EDTA.

Balance your microbiome.

(These are included in Step One, The Great Gut Cleanse)

Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes are the two main types of bacteria in the gut.
We need more Bacteroidetes (pronounced BAC-ter-OY-deh-tees) and less or no Firmicutes (fir-MIH-cue-tees) and how we do this, by using probiotics.
Get a good probiotic like the one we get from Winning Performance (they add prebiotics which are accelerators of a probiotic to increase its effectiveness in the gut). Take one capsule in the morning.
As we age firmicutes increase and antibiotics also encourage firmicutes.
Fermented Foods are also excellent micro biome aids! Make your own Kefir, it is easy to do. When doing strict AIP please remember no milk or nut products so only make the coconut milk and water kefir until reintroduction;
Coconut or Almond Milk Kefir
Water Kefir
Milk Kefir
We have been successful with growing the same plant and using it for each of the above methods of making kefir.

Keep yeast overgrowth to a minimum, by taking Apple Cider Vinegar. One tablespoon first thing in the morning, in warm water, and ten minutes before dinner.

Exercise Suggestion:
Choose your favourite cardio exercise and do interval training. Warm up, then go as fast as you can for 30 seconds, slow down for a minute to recover then repeat. Do this for half an hour if you can or build up to it. Warm down, taking it easy for 3 to 5 minutes.
Let’s look at doing this on a stationary bicycle, normal or recumbent.
Take an easy start, pedaling for about 3 minutes, to warm up, then go flat out for 30 seconds, then easy for a minute. (Your breathing will increase after the second or third burst.)
It does not have to be too hard (stiffness setting) but you will have to increase the difficulty as you get fitter.

Functional Medicine.

Our mentor, Dr. Alain Sanua, (in Johannesburg) studied medicine in Brussels. After Medical School he studied Homeopathy, Iridology, Acupuncture and Functional Medicine (Functional Medicine is ongoing, always new protocols). Functional Medicine has been ongoing in America for 30 years.
You can find him on www.homeopathjohannesburg.co.za to make an appointment.

Some other Interesting Info: How to understand sugar on a label:
Here’s a unique calculation that helps you track the teaspoons of sugar (including hidden sugar) in the foods you eat. You’ll need only look at the total carbohydrates and dietary fiber in that food:Total carbohydrates minus dietary fiber, divided by 5 gives you the total teaspoons of sugar contained in your food. This simple calculation will help you determine how much sugar is really in the foods you eat. By subtracting the fiber from the carbohydrates, you reveal the total grams of sugar plus starchy carbohydrates. From there, you simply divide by 5 to convert to teaspoons of sugar (because there are about 5 grams in 1 teaspoon of sugar). It’s that easy. I like this calculation because it is easier to visualize teaspoons than grams. Sometimes it’s scary how many teaspoons of sugar are in our foods!NOTE:
Be careful not to confuse the teaspoons of sugar from this calculation with the grams of sugar found on Nutrition Facts panels on food packaging. The grams measure accounts for the added sugar and the sugars found naturally in foods, but not the sugars that come from the breakdown of starches. You can essentially ignore the sugar reading on the Nutrition Facts panel. Rely on the Teaspoon Method instead.

Ref information:
The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers MD.
Something to help with Hidden Sugars
It is known that diet is 80 percent of the game, there are certain supplements critical to helping you achieve gut balance and weight loss. Great gut balance = great body and great mind. Your digestive health is the foundation for your overall health, because of this, achieving optimal digestion is the first step toward reaching your ideal weight.John
Blessings of health and happiness

If you have any questions, please contact me:john@autoimmune.co.za

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Copper, lead, mercury,
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From: Water,
cosmetics, pesticides,
furniture, v exhaust, pollution, e-ciggs, prescription meds, vaccines.