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Water Kefir

Pour a litre of filtered water, or bottled water, into a glass jar that has a lid.

Add 4 X 15 mls brown sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add the Kefir granules. Put the lid on but do not tighten it, gasses need to escape.

kefir granules
Kefir Granules

Place the jar in a cool dark place, we put ours on top of the fridge. We have folded some old newspaper and put the jar on top of it.

At the end of about the third day (cold days take longer) strain the Kefir granules out of the water. Into a jar that has a pouring lip.

Put the Kefir without the granules back on top of the fridge. It will carry on fermenting. You want it to be sugar-free. Kefir feeds on the sugar. Once it is no longer sweet put it into the fridge for consumption.

Store your granules in a small bottle in some water in the fridge. If your granules are going to be waiting for more than a week I would put 1 spoon of dissolved sugar to make sure they do not die.

Get a second fermentation going, as you can see it takes at least 3 to 4 days to get your Kefir up and running. We have two jars here.

I use the milk version.

The lactose in the milk has sugars, therefore, no sugars are added. Many people mention that they cannot drink milk but can eat Yoghurt or Kefir, this is because the lactose has been consumed by the yoghurt or Kefir. It’s up to you. I know Dr. Alain does not use milk at all.

This version of Kefir is for people that do not want to use milk or coconut milk.

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Product Information

citro detoxCitro DETOX is a mild antacid that works by oxidizing fecal matter. Once this hardened material has been broken down then the electrolytes (negative & positive ions) will gently flush the intestine, removing fecal compactions.

Citro DETOX will help draw old faecal impacted matter off the walls of the colon & out of any bowel pockets removing poisons, toxins & heavy metals such as mercury (remove the mercury from your teeth)*, lead, asbestos, arsenic, fibreglass, formaldehyde, thallium & even radioactive materials such as strontium, cleaning the entire 14 feet (4 meters) of the digestive tract.

Weighing yourself before & after using Citro Detox will give you some idea of the weight of your compactions.
Citro Detox will not take care of chronic constipation i.e. where a stool is passed every 48 hours or longer. If your constipation is quite serious, (where you are using laxatives to have a bowel movement) a 30-day detox will get the flow back.

Bowel elimination at least once every 24 hours is essential. Make sure you are drinking enough water and eating some uncooked fruit and vegetables.

If whilst Detoxing you feel queasy use another dose of Citro Detox. Citro Detox should not be used continuously over extended periods.

* So far only Sweden, Germany & Denmark have banned mercury amalgams.

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This a Lifestyle site where Wellness is our Goal.

Good health is achieved by the choices we make, implement and stick to. Wellness is not necessarily hereditary or by diet alone, but by a way of living.

Research shows that our genes are accountable for only 25% of the problem and 75% is the choices we make. Therefore, don’t be fooled by “Your mother has it, or it runs in the family, therefore you will get it.”
So we challenge you to follow the Autoimmune Diet, often called the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), for 90 days and be amazed.