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Heavy Metal Toxicity

How to tell if you maybe suffering from Heavy Metal Toxicity

Acute (a large one time)  heavy metal toxicity is a lot easier to diagnose than that of chronic (slow, constant) exposure. Indications of acute toxicity include:

  •   Sudden, severe cramping and/or convulsions
  •   Nausea
  •   Vomiting
  •   Sweating
  •   Headache
  •   Difficulty breathing
  •   Impaired cognitive, motor and language skills

Indication of chronic heavy metal exposure are much more subtle, in large part because these symptoms are so “common,” such as:

  • Fatigue
  •   Digestive distress, and reduced ability to properly assimilate and utilize fats
  •   Aching joints
  •   Depression
  •   Impaired blood sugar regulation
  •   Female reproductive problems such as menstrual difficulties, infertility, miscarriage, pre-eclipse, pregnancy-induced hypertension and premature birth.

See our Heavy Metal Chart for further information on signs and symptoms.

Where does Heavy Metal Toxicity come from?

Toxic heavy metals are virtually everywhere, and are present in things we come in contact with every day, such as aluminum cans and aluminum foil, batteries, metal cookware, old paint, fluoride from municipal water, and even the foods we eat. For instance, pesticides and herbicides (which are hard to completely avoid even on a strict organic diet), are a common source of heavy metals. As a result, most of us are carrying around heavy metals that have been with us for almost our whole lives and which have burrowed deep inside our tissues.

It is therefore no surprise that heavy metals play a prominent role in our current epidemics of “mystery illnesses” and degenerative diseases. Despite all of this, heavy metal toxicity remains a relatively unexplored (and untreated) phenomenon—for everything we know about the dangers of heavy metals, there is a great deal more that has yet to be discovered.

 Heavy metals just may be the premier “hidden antagonizer” and mystery illness trigger in so many of us, contributing to all of the aforementioned symptoms—and more.

How to Remove these Heavy Metals?

We have a product called HMD – Heavy Metal Detox.

This may be taken as a precaution if you are unsure because there are no contra indications on this effective yet natural product.

For the first time doing this, take two bottles of 60 capsules then one bottle twice a year.

We do it in January and June

For even more in-depth information on Heavy Metals read this excellent article written by Anthony William

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The Corona-Virus and You

“The best vaccine is enhancing your mucosal immunity”

Author, teacher, and researcher,  Aristo Vojdani, PhD, MSc, CLS; Immunosciences Lab., Inc.

In an interview with Deanna Minich, PhD (**May 12, 2020) for the Metagenics Institute, Aristo Vojdani suggested the best protective measures against a virus is to “enhance your immune system and in particular your mucosal cell immunity.”

Watched by functional doctors around the world, Deanna asked the big question: “how” can we do this?
He answered with a smile and simply said “colostrum, and in particular”, he went on to say, “cows or camels colostrum, taken within the first two weeks” of birthing.

“Nothing comes close to colostrum.”

Arisjto Vojdani

Boy did we want to get up and dance the jig!!  

Our excitement is this…..
we take only the first milking from a cow after she has given birth, leaving the rest (and there is plenty of it) for her calf. This forms part of the gc protein which makes up our incredible GcMAF.  The cows live in the rich rolling hills and mountains of the Natal Midlands, organic, free ranging, quality assured and happy!   

Why from cow or camel specifically?
“They get a virus similar to SARS-CoV-2 and naturally they have natural antibodies,”  Vojdani said.
He also included the importance of Vitamin C,  A,  D and E.  (Please find wholefood sources for your vitamins). 

Our Protocol continues to be:

For the lab; scrub, don sterilised lab coats, masks and gloves.
Production is mostly mechanical with no human contact.
All staff scrub down before leaving the changing room and the packing area is only entered in by our operations person to ensure no likelihood of infection.

We have been reassured by our courier services that they too have implemented the required changes. With a change in delivery service there has been a small increase in the delivery fee.

Please note, our prices have remained the same since last year, with just covering costs on GcMAF because we want it as affordable as it can be for everyone.

Vitamin D (from the sun or from a wholefood source) enhances the efficacy of GcMAF absorption.
To enhance the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, eat cruciferous vegetables; cabbage and broccoli!  

All in synergy, all working together!  Don’t you just love it!  
Its a lifestyle change –
Eat foods that nourish!

Note:  The worst thing for mucosal cell immunity is stress.
So exercise, and try some mindful meditations.  

Aristo Vojdani  Research papers.
Mushroom Mix   – for natural vitamin D.

GcMAF is a vitamin D-binding protein, in winter it makes sense to order the Mushroom Mix as well.  When taken together, the GcMAF is 2½ times stronger.
Mushroom Mix comes in tincture form and, because it is produced from a natural food source, its absorption and efficacy are excellent. 

Help For any Flu like symptoms

Other excellent supportive products to have on hand :


MSM + C Highest Purity

OXY (stabilised oxygen)

one more thing….

During this time of introspection give time to your body and cleaning it out too.

Please take Chelator/plaque cleanse to clean your blood supply system – your veins, arteries, and capillaries!  I did not think I needed this product and with much nagging by a loved one I relented.  To my surprise my carpal tunnel syndrome went away!  

Do it even just as an insurance and for those with high blood pressure and heart issues its more urgent now than ever before. 

Other options for a healthier, functional body:

Clean inside out too for a healthier you!

Read about our Organ Cleanse – Male and Organ Cleanse – Female

Eat food that nourishes your body!

Contact us with any questions and please, please pass this onto your friends and family.

Stay safe, healthy and content!

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Rapid Liver Cleanse Experience

Hi AIF team
With regards to your Rapid Liver Cleanse:
As I was unsure of what was happening when doing my first flush, so I thought I would write of it (with photos) to reassure other first timers! But please keep it anonymous! 😊 I chose a Friday evening, and then worked backwards to 10 days prior for the ACV, Essiac and Remedy. The most difficult thing, for me, was making the commitment date.
Friday Flush Day!:
Eating lunch as a last meal was not as bad as I thought it would be as I was not really hungry that evening. The tummy growling as the flush tablets began to work was not unpleasant. My partner and I did it together and we lay flat with our heads propped up watching a series! His tummy sounded like an helicopter trying to take off!
We removed the plastic drip thingy from the Rapid Flush bottle and downed it. It was not unpleasant to take.

liver flush oil

I woke up twice in the night to go to the loo, but my partner did not. There was no uncontrolled urgency like a beriem meal clean out!
In the morning I phoned John (cell phone number is on the website, so I guessed it was ok) to ask him when will the stones start flushing out! He asked me if I had a runny tummy. I did. He said “well then look at it girl!”
I did not know what I was looking for or at, but he said if they float then that’s them! I took this photo of the bowl and Whatts App’ed him! He said “yip, that’s them, the green colour was because bile is green.” I was sorry for what I may have missed seeing!

I know of a man who must have done his flush through a colander as he collected all his stones, almost filling a bell jar! I did not go that crazy but did stick my hand in to collect these two stones, rinsed them and took the photos. They were soft and had no smell. Our tummies ran until about 11am, so we still went off to do our normal Saturday shopping. 😊
The results;
Although I had a migraine a day or two later, I have not had one since, which is unusual. Headaches have become few and easy to pinpoint why I have one. The best result though is my night vision has settled back to normal. Small adult onset allergies were alleviated in my partner. (dry itchy ear skin etc). He said he generally felt better. Our liver spots on our ageing hands have lightened. We have not followed on and done the second course but look forward to and will do so in the new year and send you feedback.
Once again,
Thanks a stack Autoimmune Free team and especially John.

A male is his late 30’s sent us this photo, also of his first flush. The toilet bowl had a blue water treatment.
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Sleep Well

Sleep is when your body repairs, so its vital.

If you battle to relax, take a few drops of stress eze. To read for a while in bed is always relaxing, but not from anything electronic. A book or a magazine is good. Put all electronic gadgets away from your bed.

Find a mantra that suits you. 🙂

When you lie back and you close your eyes say your mantra over and over and each time also tell yourself to relax, let go and let your body feel as if it is melting into your mattress! Don’t count, just keep going letting yourself fall asleep with those words. It may feel silly at first, but keep going, it’s a skill to help you through the rest of your life.

Mantra Suggestios
I am that I am
When Moses asked for his name, God’s answer to Moses, according to the famous lines of the Hebrew Torah, was ‘Ham-Sah’, or ‘I am that I am’.

‘I am that I am’ reaffirms the conscious presence of God that is everything, where everything that is, is the infinite God.

While meditating, breathe in while saying ‘ham/’I am’. With that, you acknowledge your presence and everything that you are – your senses, your feelings, your experiences. Breathing out and continue saying ‘sa/that I am’ and with that you align everything that you are, with everything that there is. The lives of those before you, with their senses, feelings and experiences. The nature. And the universe.
I am full of light.
Much like Lumen de Lumine, this chant will help you wrap your mind around three powerful concepts at the same time.

First of all, light is pure. Saying ‘I am full of light’ will help you clear all dark thoughts, all dark energies. All worries, all envy, all hatred, all guilt will go away.

Second, light is power. You will suddenly feel more confident, more able. You will feel braver. You can follow your heart, your dreams, your emotions. You will feel freedom.

Third, purity plus power equals love. You will feel more open to others, you will perceive others to be more open-hearted towards you.
Past, present and future are one.
Everything is here to pass. It is a powerful mantra to free you from the burdens of the past and to liberate you from the ambitions of the future.

While chanting the mantra, imagine the world as a whole. As one moment. From the big bang, to forming our galaxy, the Earth, your genes, your body. Imagine yourself as a child and the pathways and decisions that brought you to where you are today.

Imagine how all your decisions could have created all the different versions of you. Imagine holding your hands with another you and another you, all living in harmony.
I feel. I exist.
This chant will bring your mind and your body together. Your emotional self and your sensual self will become one.
Breathe in. Imagine yourself, sitting on the floor, and gradually expand your vision to outside of your house, up through the clouds, seeing the Earth from above. Continue expanding until you see the galaxy, swirling around slowly. Now gradually go back to yourself.

Now breathe out and breathe in again. Touch your forehead, your arms, your belly, your legs and your toes. Gradually go back to your forehead. Imagine your blood vessels, your nervous system, your heart. Your cells.

You have now imagine everything that is bigger than you. And everything that is smaller. What you can manage, and what you are in awe of. Acknowledge you exist. Acknowledge where you are.
Love is in everything. Love is everything.
Love is a powerful healer. Imagine love as something you can see. It could be light, it could be color, it could be a glow, or a mist or a cloud.

Imagine objects and people from your everyday life – your way to work, your friends in the office, your local store, your objects at home.

Plant love around everything. Your new mantra will help you see the world in a different light. You will feel more at ease in your surroundings, if you try to see purity, light and beauty everywhere around you.
I belong. I have faith.
In the grand scale of the Cosmos you are just a spec. All your actions, your feelings, your doubts and your stressors are… insignificant. You are but a small particles in this universe.

But you belong. With your feelings, you connect to others. With the mere matter that comprises your body, you are the same as the Universe. The atoms – the protons and the electrons that comprise your body are the same protons and electrons that the stars are made of.
You belong. You are a part of a beautiful, harmonic world. You are part of a bigger plan.

When breathing in think, ‘I am fulfilled,’ and when exhaling think, ‘I am fearless.’

Affirmations from Louise Hay

•I forgive myself and set myself free.
• As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.
• I now go beyond other people’s fears and limitations.
• I am Divinely guided and protected at all times.
• I claim my power and move beyond all limitations.
• I trust the process of life.
• I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.
• We are all family, and the planet is our home.
• As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.
• I am willing to let go.
• Deep at the center of my being is an infinite well of love.
• I prosper wherever I turn.
• I welcome miracles into my life.
• Whatever I need to know is revealed to me at exactly the right time.
• I am loved, and I am at peace.
• My happy thoughts help create my healthy body.
• Life supports me in every possible way.
• My day begins and ends with gratitude.
• I listen with love to my body’s messages.
• Only good can come to me.
• I am healthy, whole, and complete

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Toxic Heavy Metal Chart

Element Acute exposure
usually a day or less
Chronic exposure
often months or years
Cadmium Pneumonitis (lung inflammation) Lung cancer
Osteomalacia (softening of bones)
Proteinuria (excess protein in urine; possible kidney damage)
Mercury Diarrhea
Stomatitis (inflammation of gums and mouth)
Nephrotic syndrome (nonspecific kidney disorder)
Neurasthenia (neurotic disorder)
Parageusia (metallic taste)
Pink Disease (pain and pink discoloration of hands and feet)
Lead Encephalopathy (brain dysfunction)
Foot drop/wrist drop (palsy)
Nephropathy (kidney disease)
Chromium Gastrointestinal hemorrhage (bleeding)
Hemolysis (red blood cell destruction)
Acute renal failure
Pulmonary fibrosis (lung scarring)
Lung cancer
Arsenic Nausea
Multi-organ effects
Painful neuropathy

Chart Ref; Wikipedia

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“Where to find” links
Heavy Metals
Why a gut Cleanse?
Milk Kefir
Water Kefir
Coconut or Almond Milk Kefir
Chelation Therapy
Cancer Cleanse
Product Information
Parasite Cleanse
Wellness – Your Choice
Tips and Tricks
Coconut Oil
Night Shades

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‘Where to find’ links

South Africa Ethical Food & other links

Johannesburg and Pretoria

Compliant Bacon and other free range meats:

Braeside Butchery Corner of 4th Avenue and 10th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg.
Farmer Angus does supply nationally:
and is available from Jackson’s Real Food Market, Bryanston and Kyalami
The Bryanston Organic Market on Thursdays and Saturdays / Organic market at the Waldorf School
Besteljouvleis – Online Ordering for organic beef, lamb, pork, kudu, springbuck, warthogg, chicken, chicken rolls and other organic products – delivery only in Gauteng. Physical Address: 188 Edward Avenue, Zwartkop ext 17, Centurion, 0157, Gauteng.
Wild Cuts – Venison – Shop 23 Stepping Stones Village, 283 Honeydew Road West Northriding

Cape Town and Surrounding Areas

Compliant Bacon and other free range meats:

Farmer Angus – National supplier and also available from
Garden Route Goodies – Hout Bay
Olive Branch – Kloof Street
Organic Zone – Lakeside
Think Organic – Kenilworth
Vineyard Deli – Kenridge
Wellness Warehouse (Cape Quarter, Cavendish, Gardens, Helderberg, Kloof Street, Sea Point, The Paddocks, Waterfront, Wembley Square)
Wild Organics, – delivery service
Spar, Paul Roos – “They have one of our freezers stocked with product”.
Somerset West – Spar, Lions Square, Main Road
Knysna – Greeff’s Butchery & Meat Market offer a gluten and preservative free range. Waterfront Drive 6571 Knysna Western Cape

Wild Organics – an online weekly order system for meats, fruit and veg, with various drop off points for order collection.

Son of a Butcher Newlands, Cape Town, Call 082 307 9985

The Boer and Butcher – “Naturally Reared Livestock” 27 Main Rd, Shop 1 (on the corner of Durban rd and Wellington rd) 7550, Durbanville.

Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants – “Cape Town’s Ethical Butchery. We find the right farmer. We buy the whole animal. We take it apart with respect. We use every piece we can.”
Main store: 143 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.
Claremont Branch: Shop 21, Palmyra Junction,Palmyra Road.
Gardens Branch: Shop 20B, Gardens Centre, Cnr of Buitenkant and Mill Street

Sedgefield. Organic vegetables may be found at Green Road (in the main road).
Saturdays at the Wild Oats market you can get bone broth and sauerkraut from Le Jardin, organic veggies from Annemarie, pasture raised chicken from Eden Free Range chicken.
In Knysna try Rawganics on Thesen Island or Knysna Health, cnr Waterfront Drive and Grey str, for health shop products.

Kefir grains

Bryanston Organic Market
Farm Table. A “One stop Organic Shop” Shop 1, 62 6th Street, Linden, Johannesburg, 2195
Faithful to Nature:

Kombutcha Scobe

Faithful to Nature:

Organic and Natural Products for every day living:

Faithful to Nature:
Welness Warehouse:

Some recommended products

Hair Dye:
Love My Hair – Wellness Warehouse
Herbatint – Faithful to Nature

Wyatt hairdressing and barbering – Beauty with a conscience.
44 Stanley Ave. Milpark, Johannesburg / 011 482 6111

Pure Primal is a recommended Skin Care Range.

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Heavy Metals

Are Toxic Heavy Metals Ruining Your Life?

Do you suffer from chronic health problems and have yet to find the answers you seek? If you feel that you have been searching for answers for far too long, you are not alone. You may already be doing everything you can think of to keep yourself healthy. You stick to your organic diet. You get as much exercise as you can tolerate. You meditate. You take your daily supplements. You take time for yourself. As far as you can tell, you’re doing everything right, and yet, your symptoms persist. Fatigue. Migraine headaches. Joint pain. Brain fog. Sluggishness. Inflammation. Constipation and other digestive disturbances. Susceptibility to infections. Nervousness and anxiety. Insomnia. Poor memory. Yeast and bacterial overgrowth. Skin eruptions. Attentional deficits. Mood dysregulation. Sadly, these types of symptoms are becoming more and more commonplace. If you suffer from any one of these on a regular basis, odds are you have been to countless health professionals, scoured the internet, and read everything you can get your hands on, awaiting relief that never comes, or lasts only a short while. You may even have been told that it’s “all in your head,” that it’s “hormonal,” or “it’s just stress.” Yet as your symptoms continue, you keep asking yourself “What have I missed? Why does my body still feel this way?”

In this modern era, we are bombarded by toxins of every kind imaginable. Our bodies are subjected to an onslaught of dangerous chemicals on a daily basis from things like air pollution, plastics, and industrial cleaning agents, not to mention the thousands of new chemicals introduced into our environment every year. Toxins also saturate our water reservoirs, fall down from the sky, and hide out in our homes and workplaces. This has become an unfortunate reality of modern life. However, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, there’s a good chance that a particular class of toxins are to blame. They are known as toxic heavy metals. Heavy metal toxicity—from metals such as mercury, aluminum, copper, cadmium, nickel, arsenic, and lead—represents one of the greatest threats to our health and well-being. While heavy metal toxicity is quite common, it is not commonly diagnosed. This is because heavy metal toxicity is an elusive adversary. It stays well-hidden within our bodies, never revealing itself unless you are actively looking for it.

“Heavy metal toxicity—from metals such as mercury, aluminum, copper, cadmium, nickel, arsenic, and lead—represents one of the greatest threats to our health and well-being.”

Toxic heavy metals are virtually everywhere, and are present in things we come in contact with every day, such as aluminum cans and aluminum foil, batteries, metal cookware, old paint, and even the foods we eat. For instance, pesticides and herbicides (which are hard to completely avoid even on a strict organic diet), are a common source of heavy metals. As a result, most of us are carrying around heavy metals that have been with us for almost our whole lives and which have burrowed deep inside our tissues. Unfortunately, it is these “old” metals, the ones that have been lurking in our system for prolonged periods of time, that pose the greatest threat. For example, over time toxic heavy metals can oxidize, causing damage to surrounding tissue and promoting inflammation. They literally poison our bodies, and can inflict damage on virtually every system and organ, including our brain, liver, digestive system, and other parts of our nervous system. Toxic heavy metals put an immense burden on our immune system, leaving us vulnerable to a variety of illnesses.

While toxins of every kind are harmful, heavy metals pose a unique threat. Not only are they damaging in their own right, they are also a form of neurotoxin (a poison that disrupts nerve function and confuses your immune system). Heavy metal neurotoxins can inflame and irritate our central nervous system (especially our brain), causing multiple symptoms such as memory loss, brain fog, fatigue, and depression. Toxic heavy metals can also promote inflammation in the digestive tract, releasing poisons into our gut as well. As if this isn’t bad enough, heavy metals also serve as a source of food for viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens in our body. For example, heavy metals can serve as a feeding ground for Streptococcus A or B, E. coli, C. difficile, H. pylori, and yeast cells. This can create an overgrowth of multiple bacteria in our gut, resulting in a condition known as SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), which is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation (or both), and can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Additionally, when viruses such as Epstein-Barr and shingles feed off toxic heavy metals, this can produce symptoms such as tingling, numbness, fatigue, anxiety, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, dizziness and vertigo, as well as neck pain, knee pain, foot pain, pain in the back of the head, and a variety of other aches and pains that are often attributed to other causes.

“Over time toxic heavy metals can oxidize, causing damage to surrounding tissue and promoting inflammation.”

When pathogens such as Epstein-Barr, shingles, and many others feed on heavy metals, they transform the metals into an especially aggressive form of neurotoxin. This secondary neurotoxin is the by-product and waste of these pathogens, and has the ability to travel throughout the body and wreak even greater havoc on the central nervous system. This phenomenon can throw medical communities off track, leading to incorrect diagnoses such as Lyme disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other autoimmune disorders, because blood tests start to lose their accuracy when the bloodstream becomes full of neurotoxic by-product and pathogen waste. These neurotoxins can even cross the blood-brain barrier, where they short circuit our neurotransmitters (the chemicals our brain cells use to communicate with each other). In turn, this can trigger depression and other mood disorders, memory loss, and a variety of other cognitive impairments.

It is therefore no surprise that heavy metals play a prominent role in our current epidemics of “mystery illnesses” and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Despite all of this, heavy metal toxicity remains a relatively unexplored (and untreated) phenomenon—for everything we know about the dangers of heavy metals, there is a great deal more that has yet to be discovered. Heavy metals just may be the premier “hidden antagonizer” and mystery illness trigger in so many of us, contributing to all of the aforementioned symptoms—and more.


While all toxic heavy metals wreak havoc on the body, mercury is an especially insidious beast, responsible for untold suffering throughout human history. Once touted as a cure-all for every disease imaginable, we now know the exact opposite is true. Mercury toxicity can be responsible for countless disorders and symptoms, including anxiety, ADHD, OCD, autism, bipolar disorder, neurological disorders, epilepsy, tingling, numbness, tics, twitches, spasms, hot flashes, heart palpitations, hair loss, brittle nails, weakness, memory loss, confusion, insomnia, loss of libido, fatigue, migraines, endocrine disorders, and depression. In fact, mercury poisoning is at the core of depression for a large percentage of people who suffer from it.

Historically, before its toxic effects were known (and acknowledged), mercury was believed to be a fountain of youth and a source of eternal wisdom. In ancient Chinese medicine, mercury was so revered that countless emperors died from mercury elixirs that healers vowed would end all their problems. Mercury elixirs (known as “quicksilver”) were also popular in the Western world. In the 1800s, medical students in the U.S. and England were taught to give a glass of mercury water to any patient who was ill, regardless of age, gender, or symptoms. Even after the medical community abandoned the practice of dispensing this misguided remedy, opportunities for mercury exposure were (and are) still plentiful: Industries were dumping mercury into rivers, lakes, and other waterways, and dentists were using mercury amalgam fillings (and some still are). In the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s, hat production relied on a mercury-based solution designed to expedite the felting process, putting hat-makers at extreme risk. In fact, the average hat-maker had about three to five years to live after starting work at a factory before madness and death set in. This is where the term “mad as a hatter” comes from: almost all mental illness of the time was from mercury poisoning (and the terrible irony is that for a long time the “treatment” for mental illness was—you guessed it—mercury!). And it wasn’t just hat-makers who suffered; anyone of that era who wore a felt hat got an infusion of mercury every time their brow sweated!

“Mercury poisoning is at the core of depression for a large percentage of people who suffer from it.”

Although the practice of using mercury as a life-giving elixir has long since been abandoned, we are currently still subject to its damaging effects. Due to the aforementioned practices, it is extremely likely that your great-great grandparents and other ancestors were exposed to high levels of mercury—and mercury literally gets passed down from one generation to the next! (Yes, this means that we have mercury in our systems because we inherited it from our quicksilver-drinking ancestors.) It is virtually guaranteed that most, if not all of us have some level of mercury inside our bodies. Some of us may even have mercury in our bodies that is over a thousand years old!

As a result of this mercury legacy, as a human race we are actually more intolerant to mercury than ever before. This is because, with each passing generation, the older mercury gets a little less concentrated, and a little more diluted. This might sound like a good thing, but this actually results in a “reverse strengthening” of the mercury: the more diluted the mercury becomes, the stronger it gets when it comes to being passed down generationally from parent to child (this is similar to the laws of homeopathy, in which successive dilutions of a compound result in increased potency). And in addition to this old mercury that we come into the world with, we collect new forms of mercury as we go along. Thus, for optimal health, we need to eliminate not only the mercury we’ve accumulated in our own lifetime, but the mercury we inherited from our ancestors as well. Otherwise, as a human race we will become increasingly sensitive and intolerant to mercury and other heavy metals inside us.

The Alloy Complication

An important aspect of heavy metal toxicity is the fact that each of us has a unique signature blend, our own personal combination of heavy metals that creates an alloy. In the industrial sense, metals are blended to make them stronger and to give them broader applications. For example, a bicycle has various parts that are made from different alloys/blends of metal, to give it unique flexibility and strength; the same goes for rims on a car or even a pan for cooking. While this might be good news for the lifespan of your bicycle, it does nothing to enhance human life. For instance, one person’s signature blend of heavy metals might consist of high levels of mercury and lead, while the next person has large amounts of aluminum and nickel in her signature blend. Or perhaps two people both have extensive mercury and aluminum deposits, but have very different amounts of the two metals. Another variable contributing to a person’s individual alloy is the locations of the heavy metals in the body. For example, one person may have mercury deposits in her or his brain and central nervous system, while in the next person the metals have infiltrated her or his liver and intestines.

“An important aspect of heavy metal toxicity is the fact that each of us has a unique signature blend, our own personal combination of heavy metals that creates an alloy.”

Regardless, these highly individual alloys are part of why we see so much depression, anxiety, and other neurological symptoms that people are faced with every day. It is also one of the reasons why no two people with the same diagnosis have precisely the same symptoms. No one person diagnosed with depression, for example, has the exact same case of depression as the next person. The fact that everyone has a unique heavy metal signature blend is also part of why various treatments and methods can work for one person, but not for the next. Furthermore, there tends to be an interaction effect between one’s emotional history and her or his signature heavy metal blend. For example, if a person has undergone emotional trauma at some point and has high levels of heavy metal toxicity, she or he will tend to have a more difficult time processing the trauma she or he has experienced. Medical research and science is decades away from uncovering the signature heavy metals and alloys that create so many of our symptoms.

Your Delicate Central Nervous System

As indicated, heavy metals have the capacity to infiltrate the brain. While heavy metal deposits are damaging regardless of where they are in the body, the brain is especially vulnerable. Electrical nerve impulses are constantly passing through the neurons (nerve cells) in our brains; this is how our brain cells communicate with each other, and govern the bodily processes controlled by the brain. In healthy brains, this system runs smoothly and efficiently. If, however, the neurons are surrounded by brain tissue saturated with mercury or other heavy metals, this results in an electrical short circuiting. The metals draw on the electrical impulses, like draining a battery, much like when you leave your car’s headlights on all night. When the electrical activity of our brain is “drained” by heavy metals in this manner, it disrupts the continuity of our nerve impulses. If, for example, a person has a lot of mercury in the brain, the spike of electricity running through a neuron doesn’t reach its intended destination (the adjacent neuron)—it slams into a mercury deposit instead! This is when we start to see things like depression and cognitive impairment, including confusion, overstimulation, disorientation, etc. Another issue is the interaction between the minerals involved in the nerve impulses, such as sodium, potassium, and chloride, and the heavy metals. These minerals have the ability to oxidize heavy metals, literally causing them to corrode (this is akin to the heavy metals in your brain getting rusty!). This can spread to other areas of the brain, allowing more electrical impulses to come in contact with the heavy metal oxidation, leading to even more short-circuiting, and perpetuating a vicious cycle that contributes to anxiety, depression, memory loss, emotional upheaval (e.g., flying off the handle), migraines, mood swings (i.e., extreme highs and lows), being emotionally hypersensitive, having multiple chemical sensitivities, and so on. Additionally, our neurotransmitters (the chemical substances released by nerve cells) take a huge hit, depleting our supply of important neurochemicals such as serotonin or dopamine (contributing, again, to things like anxiety and depression).

“If the neurons are surrounded by brain tissue saturated with mercury or other heavy metals, this results in an electrical short circuiting. The metals draw on the electrical impulses, like draining a battery, much like when you leave your car’s headlights on all night.”

Heavy metals may already be on your radar. If so, perhaps you have tried chelation therapy (a procedure involving the administration of substances designed to remove heavy metals from the body; chelation means “to grab” or to “bind”), or you may have experimented with supplements or foods renowned for their ability to remove heavy metals. If the latter approach didn’t seem to work for you, it may be because you were using only one or two supplements or foods to try to remove the heavy metals. The truth is, most foods that can help get heavy metals out of your body need a helping hand, and work better as a team. This is why the best approach for heavy metal detox is to use not one but several different detoxifying foods together. The process is a lot like passing a football (the heavy metals are the football, metal-grabbing foods are the teammates, and the finish line represents elimination of waste). Even the fastest running backs can’t take the football to the finish line on their own—they need their teammates to block for them along the way. Because heavy metals have a long and intricate path to traverse before they get expelled from the body, a team of one simply won’t cut it. With a team effort, if the ball gets dropped along the way (i.e., the toxic heavy metals get dropped during the lengthy trip out of your body), the other team members are ready and waiting to pick it up and continue the journey toward the finish line. All the teammates have to work together, passing the ball to the next player, for the process to work.

Your Heavy Metal Detox Team

In the modern world, the accumulation of heavy metals and other toxins, along with inherited mercury deposits, is inevitable—that’s the bad news. The good news is that it is relatively easy to get rid of the heavy metals that you may have already accumulated (both generational and recent), and there are steps you can take to minimize your future exposure. Adding the following all-star team of foods to your diet and being diligent in your efforts to consume them will go a long way toward ridding your body of heavy metals:

  • Spirulina (preferably from Hawaii): This edible blue-green algae draws out heavy metals from your brain, central nervous system, and liver, and soaks up heavy metals extracted by barley grass juice extract powder. Take 2 teaspoons mixed in water, coconut water, or juice.

  • Barley grass juice extract powder: This nutritive grass has the ability to draw heavy metals out of your spleen, intestinal tract, pancreas, thyroid, and reproductive system. Barley grass juice extract prepares the mercury for complete absorption by the spirulina. Drink 1-2 teaspoons mixed into coconut water or juice.

  • Cilantro: Goes deep into hard-to-reach places, extracting metals from yesteryear (so it’s great for that mercury inheritance you’re carrying around!). Blend one cup in a smoothie or juice, or add to salad or guacamole.

  • Wild blueberries (only from Maine): Draw heavy metals out of your brain tissue, healing and repairing any gaps created by oxidation when the heavy metals are removed. It is important to use wild blueberries, as they possess unique phytonutrients with special detoxifying capabilities. The potent antioxidants in wild blueberries help reverse any oxidative damage left behind by the heavy metal removal. This is especially important for your brain tissue—in fact, wild blueberries are the most powerful food for halting or in some cases reversing Alzheimer’s and dementia. Eat at least one cup daily. Note: while cultivated blueberries are nutritious, they lack the metal-drawing ability of the wild blueberries.

  • Atlantic dulse: In addition to mercury, this edible seaweed binds to lead, aluminum, copper, cadmium, and nickel. Unlike other seaweeds, Atlantic dulse is a powerful force for removing mercury on its own. Atlantic dulse goes into deep, hidden places of the digestive tract and gut, seeking out mercury, binding to it, and never releasing it until it leaves the body. Eat two tablespoons of flakes daily, or an equal amount of strips if it’s in whole-leaf form. Note: As it comes from the ocean, if you are concerned about the dulse itself having mercury, be aware that Atlantic sea dulse will not release any mercury it might possess into the body. It holds on to the mercury as it works its way through, and even grabs onto other metals along the way and drives them out as well. Atlantic dulse is a critical part of the team because it can hang out near the finish line (i.e., our colon), waiting for the other foods that have been grabbing on to heavy metals along the way. It serves as emergency backup, helping ensure that all the heavy metals that made it as far as the colon actually leave the body.

These five foods constitute your best offensive action against heavy metals, and as you can see, they each have their strengths, performing slightly different roles in the detoxification process. On its own, each individual player isn’t 100 percent effective, but as a team, they are your anti-heavy metal secret weapon! At some point in the removal process, metals get “dropped” or dispersed back into the organs, at which point another member of the team will swoop in, grab the metal, and continue the journey toward the finish line. You don’t need to eat all the foods in one sitting, but this is why it is important to consume these foods within 24 hours of each other for optimal effect. If you can’t fit them all in, try to eat at least two or three of the foods every day. While this is still helpful, this approach won’t be as effective in terms of results and symptom relief. In addition to helping draw metals out of the body, all of these powerful foods leave behind critical nutrients for repairing heavy metal damage and restoring the body. Another point in favor of this regimen is that it is effective regardless of your unique heavy metal signature—no matter the type, quantity, or location of the heavy metals, the five foods still help. This is truly the most effective way to rid your body of toxic heavy metals that could be causing so many of the symptoms and labels of conditions that you and your loved ones may be living with.

If the concept of heavy metal detoxification is already on your radar, or you have already tried similar detoxification methods, you may be wondering why chlorella (another popular algae often used for heavy metal detox) is not part of the team. Chlorella is a bit like a carpenter’s irresponsible apprentice, one who has good references, yet just isn’t reliable. If you are a carpenter, and you hire a carpenter’s apprentice to help you build some furniture, no matter how good the apprentice’s reputation, if she or he is clumsy and keeps dropping the hammer (i.e., mercury) at precisely the wrong moment, you aren’t going to keep the apprentice around for long. While chlorella is nutritious, it just doesn’t have the dexterity that is needed to get the job of heavy metal detox done. In this way, it is an irresponsible supplement—so it didn’t make the team.

The above recommendations are extremely effective for removing metals already in your system. However, we are constantly coming in contact with heavy metals and other toxins—the exposure is ongoing. While complete avoidance of toxins is impossible, there are many things you can do to minimize your risk and bolster your detox efforts.

Tips to Minimize Toxic Load and Supercharge Your
Heavy Metal Detox Efforts

Dietary Fat

Even if you eat the five heavy metal detoxifying foods religiously, if the rest of your diet is off-kilter, the process will be less effective. In the process of eliminating heavy metals, it is very beneficial to keep your blood fat ratio lower than usual. If you are trying to remove mercury and other heavy metals from your body, extra fats from the foods you eat can slow down or even halt the removal process, because the fat tends to soak up the metals you’re trying to get rid of. You don’t need to completely remove fat from your diet, just scale it back a bit. If you eat a vegan diet, reduce the amount of fat you take in from nuts, seeds, oil, avocadoes, and so on. If you are lacto-ovo-vegetarian, cut back on fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, seed oils, avocado, etc. If your diet is Paleo and/or includes animal protein, try to cut back to about one or two servings of meat per day (one serving is optimal, if you can swing it). With each of these dietary approaches, scaling back your usual fat intake by about twenty-five percent should be sufficient in most cases. This has nothing to do with whether or not dietary fat is good for you. This is a blood fat reduction technique that helps expedite the toxic heavy metal removal process. Decreasing your fat intake by about twenty-five percent reduces the amount of fat circulating in your bloodstream, helping prevent blood fats from taking up mercury and other metals that are on their way out. If you don’t make any changes to your diet during the metal detox, you will still receive benefits over time, but you will get better, quicker results by keeping your fat intake a bit lower than is typical for you.

Lemon Water

When performing a heavy metal detox, it is absolutely essential that you are sufficiently hydrated for the duration. Performing a detox without drinking enough water is like taking out the trash without trash service. Imagine if you gather up your household trash, put it all in a big garbage can, and put the garbage can out to the curb, but no one ever comes to take it away. Eventually this becomes a huge problem, because the trash doesn’t go anywhere—it just sits on the curb, becoming more toxic with each passing day. The same goes for detoxifying your body! Detoxification efforts help draw the “junk” out of your cells and tissues, but if you aren’t eliminating properly and frequently, eventually those toxins will just settle back in.

A highly effective means of detoxifying the body is to drink two 16-ounce glasses of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, squeezing half of a freshly cut lemon into each glass. The lemon is critical here, because most water has lost its living factor by the time it makes it to your glass due to filtering and processing. Fresh lemon juice helps breathe life back into your “deadened” water, because the water that resides in the lemon is alive. The fresh lemon juice enhances the water’s ability to latch onto toxins in your body and help flush them out. This practice is especially effective for cleansing your liver, which works while you sleep to gather and purge toxins from your body. When you wake up, it is primed to be hydrated and flushed clean with activated water. After you drink the water, give your liver half an hour to clean up, then go ahead and eat breakfast. If you make this a regular part of your routine, your health can improve dramatically. For an extra boost, you can add one teaspoon each raw honey and freshly grated ginger to the lemon water. Your liver will draw in the honey to restore its glucose reserves, purging deep toxins at the same time to make room.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

Consuming fresh aloe vera leaf juice is another great addition to your heavy metal detox toolkit. Aloe is very adept at helping flush metals out of your body. For optimal results, cut off a four-inch section of a fresh aloe leaf (if it is large, as is typically the case for store-bought aloe. If you’re using a homegrown aloe plant, it will likely have smaller, skinnier leaves, so you will need to cut off more). Filet the leaf like a fish, trimming away the green skin and spikes. Scoop out the clear gel, taking care not to include any from the bitter base of the leaf. Blend it into a smoothie or eat as-is.

Infrared Sauna

You can give your heavy metal detox an additional boost with infrared sauna sessions. Infrared saunas emit infrared light on your skin for the purpose of healing. The rays deeply penetrate the body, providing benefits such as increased blood flow and oxygenation of the blood, removal of toxins from the skin, elimination of aches and pains, and enhanced immunity. Infrared sauna sessions assist the body’s innate detoxification efforts, which expedites the heavy metal removal process. You can often find an infrared sauna at local gyms, massage therapy centers, and/or sauna centers. Recommended usage: 15- to 20-minute sessions twice per week. If you do it right, you should feel an immediate change for the better after each session. Be sure to drink plenty of water after your session to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body.

Juice Fasting

If you want to take things up a notch, consider the practice of one-day “fasts” in which you consume nothing but juices. Your juice should consist of celery, cucumbers, and apples. If you want, add in a bit of spinach or cilantro for variety; however, the core ingredients must remain celery, cucumbers, and apples. This combination has the proper balance of mineral salts, potassium, and natural sugar to keep your glucose levels stable as your body cleanses itself of toxic heavy metals. Make each juice 16- to 20-ounces, and drink one every two to three hours. Consume nothing in between except water—preferably a 16-ounce glass of it an hour after each juice. Your goal is to drink six juices and six glasses of water over the course of the day. When trying this for the first time, it is highly recommended to do it on a weekend when you can stay at home. If you’ve never detoxed before, the poisons it brings out of your body may make you feel uncomfortable. If so, lie down and rest. After you’ve gone through this detox a few times and feel comfortable with it, you can optionally expand it to a two-day juice fast. Plan on being home for at least the second day, though, in case your energy dips. For many people, however, energy actually increases.

You can experiment with the juice and add other ingredients—e.g., kale instead of spinach, or an occasional pinch of ginger for taste, or some extra cilantro, but don’t overdo it. The celery, cucumber, and apple all help flush toxic heavy metals out of you. If you put in too much of anything else, you take away space from these key ingredients. If you do this juice fast every two weeks, over time you should achieve impressive detox results and really feel the difference.

All of the above techniques are very effective at helping flush your system of heavy metals that are already on their way out thanks to your heavy metal detox team players.


Modern life has its upsides and downsides—and you no doubt see proof of this every day. While today’s technology means that, for example, we’re plugged in and reachable 24/7, it also means that, well, we’re plugged in and reachable 24/7. We have incredible resources today that our ancestors couldn’t even have imagined—societal advancements have made our lives easier in so many ways—and yet we’re suffering. Never before in our history have we been exposed to so many poisonous substances. On top of which, we are still bearing the brunt of our ancestors’ heavy metal toxicity.

While avoiding the daily onslaught of heavy metals and other toxins is tough, protecting your body from these threats is not. You can take a stand against your personal blend of toxic heavy metals! The truth is, your body wants to heal, and it is working for you every day. All you need to do is give it the tools and resources it needs to begin the healing process. Start by assembling your all-star team of heavy metal detoxifiers, and incorporating a few of the lifestyle practices. By taking advantage of these simple tips, you can assume an active and powerful role in reclaiming the vibrant health that you deserve—and are meant to have.

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Why a gut cleanse?

To do this cleanse before starting strict AIP accelerates your healing, reduces your detox symptoms, allowing unclogged pathways to produce digestive enzymes, digest and absorb the nutrient dense foods of AIP.
Without these natural supplements helping you to clean out inside, your healing is going to be slower as your body battles with impaction and your healing at the same time. It does work, but it is a struggle and some symptoms that cost a bomb to be tested for are dealt with naturally and effectively.
Realy it’s a no brainer! Any program designed to improve our health or to eliminate the disease from our bodies, then, must begin with intestinal cleansing and detoxification.

A healthy gut is pivotal to our wellbeing.
Known as the body’s second brain (it contains more neurotransmitters than your brain) our gut is responsible not only for digestion, absorption, and elimination but for most our health issues, including brain and mental health. In fact, the trillions of microbes that live in our guts impact on every facet of our functioning.

Did you know that about 70% of the cells that make up our immune system are in the wall of our gut?

Do YOU need a gut cleanse?
Instead of listing the hundreds of ailments that prove you need a gut cleanse, just answer this:
Are you tired once you have eaten? If your colon is not in good order, a lot of energy will go to trying to do the best it can with what you have eaten, leaving you tired.
gut cleanse
There are two types of colon cleanses.
One is colon irrigation – we believe this is not good as it strips the intestines of natural moisture, may create mineral imbalance, deplete normal bowel flora, bowel perforation possible and so is an infection. These are the reasons why colon irrigation is to be avoided if you have: diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Chron’s disease, hemorrhoids, rectal tumours, bowel surgery and heart or kidney disease!

Two: natural supplements.
Our supplements work gently and effectively and you will be able to continue working without too much discomfort, but do start on a Friday. The discomfort in the beginning with die off and detox may be gas, bloating, tiredness, headaches and light headedness. This slowly improves as you clean out and heal.
The Great Gut Cleanse is step one to be started simultaneously with giving up gluten and a few other carbohydrates.
It is important that you go slowly into AIP for those who have gone cold turkey really battle and cant maintain the three months strict AIP needed for healing. If you do jump straight in, supplements should not be taken within the first three weeks of going strict AIP. Your liver will be working too hard.
Doing the Great Gut Cleanse and the carbs together first will also ease the detox symptoms of AIP strict.
About 80% of the population have parasites which is addressed in our Great Gut Cleanse with two different parasites cleanses included in the pack. Parasites become accustomed to chemical de-worm meds but not to natural deworming ingredients and the benefit of these natural deworm meds are that they are good for you in other ways too. Read about Parasites in the body.

Also included in the Great Gut Cleanseis a gentle colon lubricant as you should have a bowel movement at least once a day. After nutrients are absorbed from food, there is no reason to keep the waste in your body. The longer digested food stays in your intestines, the more it rots and ferments, causing long-term disruptions and toxicity. The blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins as it seeps through the bowel wall. Gut inflammation with its resultant leaky gut added to an irregular bowel movement issue is where most of our diseases begin.
Regular Maintenance
It is recommended that one does the full four step cleanse going strict AIP for at least once a year, – a good idea is to make it your new year resolution; your January, February, and March commitment to yourself and your body.
The Four Cleansing programs and AIP will promote optimal wellness and vitality throughout the entire body, which offsets disease and signs of aging.

The Great Gut Cleanse contains:
1) Mag Caps 72 caps (Natural Cleanser)
2) MSM + C 30g (Natural Cleanser)
3) MultiDay 60 caps (Multivitamin & mineral + Dewormer)
4) OXY 50 ml (Stabilised Oxygen)
5) Paraway 24 caps (Dry Herbal Anti-Parasitic)
6) PRObiotic 24 caps (Intestinal Flora)
7) Remlax 50ml (Herbal Anti-Parasitic & Intestinal Regulator)
Order the Great Gut Cleans Kitorder

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Milk Kefir

Pour a litre of milk, into a fermentation glass jar that has a lid. (I have consol or bell jars).

kefir granules
Kefir Granules
It is best if the milk is not too close to the lip because the Kefir does expand. We use full cream milk. Low fat can be used if you so please. Organic milk is best.

Add the Kefir granules. One heaped dessert spoon will easily do a litre of milk. Put the lid on but do not tighten it, gasses need to escape.

Place the jar in a cool dark place, we put ours on top of the fridge on top of some old newspaper to catch any spillage.

In summer, at the end of the first day gently mix the Kefir, is will have separated into curds and whey. Colder days take longer, but as soon as you see the separation, it is ready to test. Strain the Kefir granules out.

The Kefir granules stick to the jar. Return some of the strained Kefir into your fermentation jar and swirl or take a long handle spoon to loosen the Kefir grains.

Tap the strainer against the palm of your hand, to keep the granules and let the milk through. Keep tapping until you have the little “cauliflower” granules left.

Pour the Kefir without the granules back into your jar and place back on top of the fridge. It will carry on fermenting. Once the kefir has separated, it is ready to consume, the longer fermentation is personal, kefir granules eat the sugars and sugar-free is good! I like it bitter and almost effervescent.
Once it is to your liking, put it into the fridge for consumption.

Store your granules in a small bottle in some milk in the fridge. If your granules have sat in the fridge in milk for more than a week, using a strainer, rinse them with water or milk before starting your new batch.

Get a second fermentation going, as you can see it takes at least 3 days to get your Kefir up and running. We have two jars here. I use the milk version.

The lactose in the milk has sugar and many people who are not able to drink milk but can eat Yoghurt or Kefir should know that it is because the lactose has been removed. It’s up to you. I know Dr. Alain does not use milk at all.