About AIF


Quality is the primary determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty, saff satisfaction, pride and loyalty. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, better quality translates into better value for customers – and this is the very essence of competitive differentiation.

Autoimmune Free wants for all of us Perfect Health and Perfect Well-being.

Autoimmune Free has been built on the studies of Functional Medicine, Homeopathy and Naturopathy.

Functional Medicine?
Functional Medical doctors have practiced in the USA for more than 35 years now and the practice is slowly making it’s way into South Africa.
Who are they?
Medical doctors dissatisfied with looking at disease in isolation these doctors look for the cause of the problem and treat the body as a whole.

What is special about Autoimmune Free?
Our tinctures have taken years (truly generations) of knowledge to create and we keep to the exacting high standards of the British Pharmacopoeia Guide. Both the tinctures and the dry products use organic products from around the world.

A colleague has stopped recording cancer reversals once they passed 150 people!

We understand keeping our external body clean, but what about internally?
• From clogged villi (gut)
• blocked filter systems (kidney and liver),
• sluggish arteries (oxidised cholesterol/plaque ) and veins (oxidised cholesterol/plaque),
• heavy metal build up (car fumes, injections, foods, even water!……)
•  parasites (some are airborne)
• optimum digestion : remove gallstones (we all have them)
• clean filtration

Cleaning inside is extremely important! (This is where Autoimmune excels!) 😊

Very basically (each contains a link to more info)
Gut = tired, depression – most disease begins in the gut.
Kidney and Liver = allergies
Plaque in veins = high blood pressure & cholesterol
Heavy metals = forgetfulness (and sadly so much more)
Parasites = joint problems, SIBO.

Up to You
Eat real food! You would not put bad petrol into your car! Think nutrient dense foods and adjust.

We are designed to be physical – hunting, gathering or farming this sedentary life style is too sluggish. Our heart needs to pump blood through our veins full of oxygen at an elevated level! Walk, jump (google Rebounders), cycle, yoga……YOU can!

Be Well Be Healthy
AF Team