How to remove Cataracts

A personal experience:

“My wife was finding her computer screen blurry in spite of wearing her glasses. An Optometrist diagnosed a small cataract. We ordered the MSM eye drops. I put a drop in the affected eye in the morning and at bedtime. Before the end of the bottle she reported a marked improvement! I’m super excited my wife cataracts dissolved and without an opp that we could ill afford! Now for another Optometrist appointment and get the all clear.”


Simon and his wife have done our liver, kidney and cervix/prostate cleanses every six months for a few years now and so for them it was not necessary to advise them to do the cleanses before the MSM eye drops. However. ….

if you want to improve eyesight, reduce your toxic load!

You absolutely must remove toxins from your Liver, Kidney, and Prostate / Cervix.

Your liver and kidneys are your filtering systems, so a good clean-out produces results!

The Prostate or Cervix Cleanse removes toxins from the lower organs.

This is imperative because the Liver and Kidney cleanse exacerbate the toxins in our prostrate or cervix as gravity pulls toxins down.

Even If you have had a hysterectomy it is still important to do this.

“My wife who has had a hysterectomy could “feel” the cleaning effects for about half an hour, for four days after starting the Cervix cleanse. She said it felt like dull menstruation.”


Simon’s wife was lucky to get her cataracts early, be patient if yours are larger.

A client running a clinic in KwaZulu-Natal has great success with cataracts using our Step one, step two and step three and only then giving our MSM eye Drops.

The drops may sting a little so go easy. If you have to skip a day so be it.

Liver Cleanse
Kidney Cleanse (woman) or
Prostate Eze (men)
MSM Eye/ear drops

All the very best
AF Team

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